What Is a Retweet Group?

A retweet group is a way for authors to manage the task of sharing each other’s tweets on a timely basis. In general the aim is for each author to promote a post each day for their book. If an author wants to go at a slower schedule, they just participate on fewer days.

Here is how it works.

First, the author creates both a Twitter account and a Facebook account.

Next, the author joins the retweet group’s private Facebook group page. These are kept private to prevent spammers from causing problems. This link is for the Romantic Suspense Retweet Group:


Each day, the administrator for that Facebook group will start up a new post. That post is for that given day. For example, a post might be made for January 1, 2021.

Each author who wants to participate in a retweet on that date makes a post on their own Twitter page about their book. Generally the post should include an image, a short description, 2-3 hashtags, and then a link to Amazon or wherever the book can be bought.

Once the post is made, the author clicks on the timestamp associated with the post. This brings up the custom URL associated with that post. The author copies that URL.

Back in Facebook, the author pastes the URL as a comment into the thread for the current date. That way it’s very easy for all other authors to simply click on that link and retweet the promotion.

In exchange, the author clicks on each link that other authors have made in that same post. The author retweets each one.

Since all authors in the group have similar fan bases, these types of marketing activities can be far more powerful than more generic types of promotions.

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